Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who is the author of Time with God?
John North is the director of Ambassadors for Christ International — Australia, an author, preacher and radio presenter. John North’s Time With God devotional radio spots can be heard on Hope 103.2 in Sydney right after the 6am news.

Who is Ambassadors for Christ International — Australia/NZ?
Ambassadors for Christ International — Australia exists to support and equip local churches in God’s mission. AFCI’s vision is “Accelerating the spread of the gospel through local churches”.
You can find out more about AFCI — Australia here.

How often is the devotional content updated?
Time with God’s devotional content is written with fresh content and is updated quarterly. These are the cycles May-July, August-Oct, Nov-Jan, Feb-April.

Do I have to be connected online?
When you first download the Time with God, the app connects to the server to download the current quarterly. You will need to be connected online in order to do this. If there is a wifi connection available near by, it is best to use your wifi connection for a faster download. Click Today and the app will immediately start downloading the latest quarterly set of devotionals. After downloading the quarterly material, from that point on you do not have to be online in order to view your Time with God app because the devotions are stored on your device. This is helpful if you are using you app on trains or other areas where reception is not always great. You can continue to use the app offline until you reach the end of that quarterly, then the Time with God will ask you to download a new quarterly.

How do I use the application?

The Time with God app is simple to use.

Time with God - 3 steps

We encourage you to use the My Response section so that you can be engaging with God’s word. You can also mark your Favorites as well as share your thoughts with others via email and Facebook.

My app is stuck on the “downloading screen” – what should I do?
We are currently improving our servers to handle larger loads. Please try again in 10 minutes. If that doesn’t work – feel free to use this contact form on this website to contact the developer. Any descriptions to aid us in what was happening at the time is much appreciated as it can help us isolate any bugs. We apologise for any inconvenience. We are committed to Time with God app users and shall try to resolve any issues as much as we can in future updates.

My app has frozen – what should I do?
Please close and restart the app. If you are using an iPhone/iPod touch that enables multitasking – double click on the hardware circular home button. Your currently opened apps should appear in a dock at the bottom. Then hold the Time with God app until it wiggles in the dock, then press the minus sign. Tap off to return to your home menu. Then tap the app again to relaunch the app.

The Return button on the My Response keyboard doesn’t close the keyboard – how do I get rid of the keyboard?
We wanted to keep the Return button to create new line breaks (carriage returns) so that you can format your responses into paragraphs. Tap on any area outside of the text box and the keyboard will disappear.

I’m really benefitting from the Time with God – how can I show my appreciation?
That’s answered prayer for us. We pray that you will grow in your relationship with God and be the blessing to others that God wants you to be in this world. We encourage you to tell others about Time with God so that they can benefit too. If you friends don’t have iPhones/iPod touches, we also have paper booklet forms of Time with God.

The team at AFCI always appreciate feedback and encouragement – you can send them a word of encouragement today. AFCI’s goal is to equip brothers and sisters like yourself – you can find out more about their other resources here.