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Time With God is a daily devotional app designed to help you grow in your relationship with God each day.

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From its engaging content to its beautiful design and functionality, Time With God will take you into God’s word in a way that connects you relationally with the Lord. And it’s designed to help you share what’s meaningful to you with others.

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  • Truly devotional. That is, Time With God is not written to simply explain the passage of scripture and give an application. Rather, it is written in a way that says, “Here’s what the Lord is saying to us in this passage.”
  • Interactive. At the end of each reading is a response area for you to journal your personal response to God. We hope this will help you build a responsive relationship to God that will extend into your whole day! Your responses are archived on your iOS device and can be easily accessed in the future.
  • Social. When God speaks to you powerfully through his word, you need to share it with others, right? The “Share” button at the end of each devotional lets you share it through Facebook or by email. You can choose to share just the verse, the reading, your response, or any combination of these.
  • Fresh. Rather than simply recycling a fixed set of devotions, Time With God comes fresh from the pen of Australian Bible teacher John North, whose printed devotions are eagerly read by thousands of people and can also be read at crosswalk.com.
  • Focused on the Bible. As you start your day, you don’t just want somebody’s good thoughts, you want God’s word. Time With God focuses you on God’s message to you through his word, the Bible.

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* When the Time with God app was built a few years ago, it used the previous version of Facebook’s API which Facebook has since stopped supporting. AFCI is in the process of reviewing the app in order to support Facebook’s new Open Graph api as well as bring other updates to the App. Please contact AFCI at [email protected] if there is feedback you would like to provide AFCI during this process. Warm regards, Anthony – App software developer consulting for AFCI.