Development notes

As a iPhone developer, consultant and freelancer, there are busy periods and quiet periods. In the quiet periods I want to make sure I keep learning. The past 2 weeks I’ve had a bit more time, so it gave me the chance to write some software I’ve had in my head for a while and experiment it on a new piece of technology like Jquery mobile.

There are always new technologies coming out in the field of mobile and web development. Jquery mobile is a relatively young piece of technology, as of today it has only hit version Jquery Mobile 1.1. It has flexibility for fast development and can run on any modern web browser. This means that the site will run on Android and iOS(iPhones and iPads). The performance is not as awesome as native applications built in Objective C, Java or Appcelerator. However, it’s pretty cool to be able to quickly prototype and have a mobile app up and running in the browser in a short piece of time.

If you are a developer and are new to Jquery Mobile, I recommend this ebook “Master Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile” by Matt Doyle.

I still like the performance of native applications and have started building a native iPhone version of the Greek Verbs App. The handy thing about jQuery mobile is that any student with a modern web browser on desktops, laptops and smartphones can run the web app. I hope it will be useful for students out there.