Greek Verbs App

This was an experiment for me to learn about the capabilities and constraints of JQuery mobile. What I learnt is that JQuery mobile is just a dresser. It’s not appropriate for building non-trivial apps. Like all technologies it has its use – just be careful to find the right fit. If you need a quick way to dress up a website to have mobile friendly elements, use JQuery mobile. Just remember, you will need something like BackboneJS or EmberJS to give your app event driven structure.

I made this app as a live exercise while learning JQuery mobile. It’s always better to learn while building than just reading. I currently have my hands writing software for clients. When I get a breather, I look forward to turning this into native iPhone version because native applications are a lot faster than mobile responsive websites.
I’ve released

This is for all the biblical greek students out there learning (and or struggling with) their greek verbs. This web app is designed so you can review the greek verb charts, test yourself and work on the verbs that you are finding hard to remember.

You will need a HTML5 compatible browser to make full use of the application. As it is a web application it will work on your computer, smartphones and tablets web browser.

Mobile devices give new opportunities for tried and true methods in education such as language learning flash cards. It’s great to be able to let mobile devices disrupt and improve education in positive ways.

Love to hear if you find it helpful!

Why I made this app?

While I was studying Theology at Moore College, one of the wonderful and difficult experiences at college was learning biblical greek. Getting a handle on the verbs was especially tricky. For those familiar with other languages (e.g. French and Russian) where you have to conjugate verbs, you would know that this gives the language incredible precision, but makes it a very steep learning curve for someone new to the language. Some have said to “own biblical greek” you have to “own the verbs”.

Myself along with every other student would write out these verbs over and over again. There is no shortcut, the only way we could “own the verbs” was “one at a time”. We would download spreadsheets of these verbs and pour over them.

The piece of software that I found most helpful for drilling Greek Vocab was Provoc. If you’re a biblical greek student and have a mac, make sure you check it out. The purpose of the Greek Verbs App is not to replace vocab flash card programs like Provoc. The purpose is smaller and narrower – to do one thing well = Help you review and test your Greek Verb charts.

I never found the verbs easy. Even today I still struggle with them. I’ve made this website to help students of biblical greek like myself who still need help reviewing and testing greek verbs. It’s still in a beta version, let me know if you have any feedback. If you’re a student out there trying to own these verbs – more power to you. I hope this can be another helpful tool to help you learn biblical greek faster – one verb at a time!