Australian Christian Lobby app

ACLobby App

I am developing an enterprise mobile solution for political lobbying in Australia.

Hello Australian lobbying 2.0!

Lobby your local politicians from your mobile phone.

This iPhone app is custom built for the Australian Christian Lobby and their supporters.


  • Supports segmented push notifications to mobilise constituent engagement quickly.
  • Campaign database integration for direct lobbying from user’s smartphones to politicians.
  • Politician database lookup integrated into native contact and email functions.
  • Live access to various ACL database sources (Blog, Campaigns, Issues databases).
  • Social media integration for Twitter, Facebook and Email.
  • Non-browser iPhone native performance for speed.
  • Titanium Alloy (MVC) for native enterprise cross-platform mobile solution, enabling a shared codebase for future development on Android.

We are in the final rounds of staff beta testing. The app will be released to the public in time for the coming election.