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Anthony Chung

Hello, I’m Anthony Chung.

I’m a founder and director of Mobile Learning Pty Ltd that helps organisations using Moodle create Mobile Apps for students, staff and employees.

I no longer provide consulting for web and mobile development with Three Thirds.
The following is kept for archival purposes…

My Focus:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Education Mobility
  • Learning Innovation

I architect and develop:

  • custom Education software for mobiles and tablets.
  • digital Publishing workflows.
  • My Australia/India partners (over 400 developers) scale for jobs of any size.

I help with strategic decision making:

  • To help solve problems of mobility in Education.
  • Provide strategy for management on digital strategy, development solutions, mobile learning technology and flourishing in mobile, global & digital disruption.
  • Provide training for staff, learning&teaching, communication, IT and development teams.
  • Organise strategic partnerships for scaling development and delivery.

I have over a decade of proven hands on development experience in applying innovative technology to Education.

I have worked in teams and individually to create:

  1. Massive online enterprise measurable compliance eLearning courses used by the majority of Banks & Insurance companies in Australia (E.g. CBA, Westpac, Allianz). (The Learning Group)
  2. Web, Content management system and campaign analytics development for Not-for-profit organisations and email marketing campaigns. (E.g. Samaritans Purse, Billy Graham Association, Crusaders Australia, Pet Barn and Wesley Training) (Brown Box)
  3. Migration solutions for Tertiary Legacy systems. (Macquarie University)
  4. Digital workflow systems for migrating paper based publications to iPhone apps.
  5. Cutting edge innovation to bring Learning Management Systems (Moodle) to iPad apps that work “offline”.
  6. A new mobile app for Political Education, Advocacy & Lobbying for one of Australia’s largest political lobby groups (Australian Christian Lobby).
  7. New business models & services partnerships for Global rightshoring & insourcing innovative specialists.

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Anthony Chung

Digital Education Innovator

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